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Definitions: "Property" means a flat, house, building or land. "Development" means applying for planning permission, selling property subject to planning permission or partnering a property developer. "Property Developer" is somebody who wants to buy your property for residential re-development. "Planning Permission Costs" means the costs of plans, applications, fees, time charges and out-of-pocket expenses. "Periodical Valuations" are interim estimates of the market value of your property on a specific date with or without a specific planning permission.

Risks: When you sell your property, its value can go up or down and any participation in a development can be affected by these changes. We recommend you take legal and financial advice before entering into an agreement to sell your house just as you would when selling through a residential estate agent. If we incur planning permission or other costs and you decide not to proceed, you will be liable for these costs. The final value you receive for your property will be the agreed sale price less sales costs, disbursements, taxes, all agreed fees and expenses.

Obligations: An agreement involving planning permission needs time to achieve and it is not unusual to be rejected and to re-apply. For this reason our agreements have a minimum time frame of 12 months although planning permission is often achieved long before this time. We ask for your patience during this period but if you need to, you can terminate the agreement at any time by notifying us in writing and by the full payment of our outstanding planning permission costs, fees and out-of-pocket expenses up to that date.

Our Role: Find buyers looking for development properties. Identify sellers with suitable properties to re-develop. Help sellers maximise the sale value of their property by obtaining favourable planning permission. Match sellers to a buyer with similar development objectives. Connect buyers with sellers.

Limit of Liability: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to achieve any particular planning permission. We are not liable for any seller or buyer expectations in this regard. We are not liable for any loss however incurred due to property market fluctuations, developer or buyer failure to perform or other factors outside our control. Our liability is limited in all cases to the cost of our work. Your liability is limited to our agreed fees, time charges, planning permission costs and out-of-pocket expenses, notwithstanding your right not to proceed.

Valuations: Periodical valuations carried out on our behalf will be done by a Chartered Surveyor or similar. All calculations of interim sale values, fees, charges and profits will be made with reference to these periodical valuations and no other form of valuation or estimate will be considered a valid or a true reflection of the real value of your property other than what it sells for.