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Getting a Better Price for Your Property

We offer a range of options that can improve the price that is offered for your property

Option to Participate in the Re-development of the Site

As well as selling outright, we also give sellers the option to participate in the development and share in the profits

Not Open to Everyone

As our service doesn't work for all, it creates higher demand from buyers if your property is suitable

More Likely to Proceed to a Sale

As our developers don't rely on third parties to buy, there is less that can go wrong. We vet our buyers carefully...

Much Lower Seller Fees

Even though our selling fees are some of the lowest in the industry, we work hard and pro-actively increase the value of your property

We Work Closely with Planning Consultants

By understanding the planning process well and working together with Planning Consent UK, we can help uplift the value of your property

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